Comfortable men's Denim Albany, Oregon

Two Birds One Stone Jeans

An old saying becomes a new brand…

The Natty Dresser is now stocking a Knit Denim Called Two Birds One Stone (2B1S) that is so stretchy and comfortable they feel like you are wearing your PJs! The best part however, is the fact that they don’t look like your PJs. You can dress them up with a stretchy Mizzen + Main Sport shirt and a Hardwick soft blazer and people will compliment you on how dressed up you are. – All the while you are thinking “I could sleep in this outfit… Or party, or go on a date or take a meeting with a client.”

Two Birds One Stone is the culmination of a 3 year quest to design the world’s most comfortable pair of jeans. The look of your favorite denim, combined with the feel of your most comfortable sweat pants. Making these jeans has been an exhaustive labor of love, overcoming three major hurdles…

1. The fabric – One with the required comfort and stretch, without bagging.

2. The right fit for the fabric – One that is forgiving, and fits a wide range of body styles.

3. Subtle classic wash treatments – For a premium denim look, and fabric softness.

Drop into The Natty dresser and try on a pair of 2B1S you will be amazed at how comfortable they are, but you will also be amazed at how good they look!

Dress Well, Be Confident, Find Success!