Stay Dapper with a Visit to The Natty Dresser

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a colorful whirl of parties, events, and celebrations — many of which require semi-formal or even formal attire. That means it’s time to dust off your suit — or even your tuxedo — and get them ready for this very social season.

But what if your suit or tux isn’t quite up to par? Perhaps you’ve lost or gained weight or clothing styles have shifted, and you don’t want to incur the considerable expense of a new wardrobe.

Whatever the reason, don’t wear a suit with outdated lines that fits like a mitten rather than a glove. Have your old suit expertly tailored to spruce up your look and take you from naughty to jaunty in no time!

Trust The Natty Dresser with Your Tailoring and Alterations

A holiday suit tune-up is just what you need to get that classic put together look in time for your holiday affairs.

At the Natty Dresser, we offer custom tailoring, alterations, and repairs completed by Santa’s helpers —our esteemed tailor and seamstresses. To help refresh your suit in time for the holidays, we can:

  • Hem jacket sleeves
  • Narrow lapels
  • Shorten jacket body
  • Take in the jacket waist
  • Refit the shoulders
  • Hem suit trousers
  • Repair the crotch if necessary
  • Take up the stride
  • Take in or let out waistband of pants

Even dress shirts can be made to fit holiday standards with shirt body or sleeve tapering, sleeve hemming, and shortening the shirt body to avoid a crush of material ruining the line of your trousers.

Getting your suit in the holiday mood is simple, too. All you have to do is bring it into the Natty Dresser where our alterations team will discuss options, take necessary measurements, and give you an anticipated completion date. 

Events looming on the horizon? Generally, our experienced staff can have most garments ready within a week, so chances are you won’t have to miss a single event.

Visit the Natty Dresser This Season for All Your Holiday Attire Needs

Don’t have an old suit or perhaps you’re ready for a completely new look for the holidays? 

The Natty Dresser provides custom suits (although you should hurry — these take six to eight weeks to complete), suit and tux rentals, and a curated collection of off-the hanger suits that we can hem and tailor for you.

We can also help you get your accessories in order from cufflinks to bowties and pocket squares. A new pair of shoes is another great way to dress up any attire, and don’t forget that we offer professional shoe-shine services to protect your footwear from the elements and keep them looking dapper. Another great way to accessorize is to pick up a new hat… or you can refresh and repair an old favorite at our hat hospital.

So, don’t be caught in an ill-fitting suit at your next holiday ‘do. Hurry to the Natty Dresser and let our team of tailoring experts get you camera ready with a holiday suit tune-up. Stop by at 425 1st Ave W in Albany, OR, or call us at 541-248-3561 to make an appointment.

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