Pucker up for Summer

Warmer weather is fast approaching and this means two things: you will want to dress to stay cool, and you will want to look great doing it. The answer: Seersucker. Getting the right summer look can be difficult, but adding a few key pieces of breathable fabrics to your wardrobe will ensure your ability to go easily from the office, to a sun-soaked pub patio in style. And the definitive functional Summer fabric is seersucker.

• What Is Seersucker?

The lightweight, puckered cloth is comfortable, versatile and breezy in every sense of the word – perfect for all your warm-weather looks, no matter the dress code.

Look closely at the traditional stripy gathered fabric and you’ll notice the different textures of the two stripes: one smooth and one coarser in texture. This effect was originally produced by alternating silk and cotton. When washed, the cotton shrank and the silk puckered, creating the characteristic wrinkles. Today, one of the stripes of cotton is woven more tightly than the other, causing it to pucker. The benefits are twofold. Firstly, seersucker doesn’t wrinkle the way ordinary fabric might (technically it’s already wrinkled), which makes it great for travelling. Not only that, its puckering creates extra air pockets as half the fabric sits off the layer beneath, allowing increased air circulation, making it an ideal fabric to choose for hot days.” a more contemporary, crease-free alternative to linen, seersucker is available in a wide range of looks and styles. You can treat seersucker just like any other cotton or wool versions of the same garment, be it a suit, tailored shorts or button up shirt.

When wearing seersucker separates or a full suit for Summer weddings or days when the office air conditioning is MIA) keep the look current and avoid wearing a matching seersucker tie or pocket square – instead, opt for complementary fabrics like silk, linen or chambray. Seersucker shorts are a great alternative to trousers and can be styled casually or smart. They look even better after they’ve been washed a few times and soften up. They become that item in your wardrobe that’s like a second skin, a vacation essential. Seersucker will keep you cool and help you stand out from your perspiring peers. Stick to the classic white and blue stripe and it will fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.

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