The Last of Summer’s Adventures Looking Good on the Go…

As summer draws to a close we try to fit in as many outdoor activities as possible. Whether your idea of outdoor activities is hunting and fishing, or a walk to the neighborhood park, your clothes need to work for you and not against you.

When the pavement ends, you’re best avoiding all-white looks, suede boots and anything that dirt won’t readily brush off of. Know that country walks in Oregon generally mean mud. So, your lower half should be clothed in fabric that doesn’t fear the washing machine, like a dark denim. Or earthy chinos from the brand born in the mountains… Kühl. But the mountain man look might be inappropriate if your ‘hike’ is not the Pacific Crest Trail, but just down the street to the pub to sit on the patio. In that case, a light weight trouser and a stretchy button up shirt from Mizzen + Main might be a better choice.

A Ranger backpack from Filson is great on the trail, but in town a touring bag is plenty. It’s just big enough for a wool shirt, so you can stay until after sunset, and a flask of something warming. Just in case you get lost on the way home.

When it showers in town, you’re rarely more than ten feet from a doorway. When you’re caught out on the trail, shelter is tougher to find. If the thought of a coat leaves you sweating, reach for a lightweight windbreaker or packable jacket, rolled up and stored at the bottom of your bag, if it stays nice nobody needs to know you even brought one. If you get caught in a shower you’ll stay dry while the rest of your party gets soaked.

When the skies threaten more than a brief dousing, you need something more robust. The waxed jackets from Filson have become the Pacific NW uniform for men who spend a lot of time in the rain, either looking after animals or shooting them. The brand is a classic for a reason… it has been protecting adventurous men from the weather’s worst since 1891.

Another PNW brand that is great for town or country is Pendleton. Since 1865 they have been making wool shirts, scarves and hats that are perfect for our climate. They will keep you warm on those cool late summer evenings even if you get wet. That’s why the Pendleton board shirt has been a standard for beach parties since the1950s.

Wherever you decide to seek outdoor recreation, you can still Dress well, Be confident, find Success!


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