Month: February 2018

Fit Is King

Speaking of Proper Fit
“Fit is King.” It’s an old saying, but so very true. A well-fitted cheap suit is going to look better than an ill-fitting suit that costs much more. However, with that said; a cheap suit is going to start looking very cheap quickly. The fabrics and construction methods used in making a such a suit (the inner lining and padding is all glued into place), just won’t stand the test of time… or cleaning. So be sure to take that into consideration when buying a suit.

The importance of fit goes well beyond suits. Your casual clothing is also going to look better and last longer if it fits well. Last longer? That’s right. Well-fitted clothing will last longer, because of a couple of simple reasons…

  1. Clothing that is too large or too small is much more likely to tear along the seams, because it gets pulled in ways that were never intended.
  2. Oversized clothing is easier to get snagged on things like door handles, cabinet corners and car doors. Ending up with those annoying and virtually impossible to repair L-shaped tears in the cloth.
  3. Clothing that is too long is super annoying and ends up with damage. Pant hems fray and become unsightly, coat and shirt sleeves end up getting drug through your food, or catching on drawer pulls and generally getting in the way.
  4. When your clothing fits well you take better care of it. Sloppily fitting clothing just doesn’t seem important, therefore, you don’t worry about changing out of it to do yard work, or painting the kitchen cabinets.

Of course even clothing that you intentionally choose to do yard work and home improvement projects in is going to be more comfortable, and safer to work in if it fits well. Baggy ill-fitting clothing is a life and safety hazard around power equipment.

Beyond making your clothing last longer – well fitted clothing will also improve how you feel. When you are well dressed you will feel more confident and with that comes a better self image. People you come in contact with will pick up on your over all well being and happiness, and will be more likely to treat you better. Whether on the job or out on the town, you will find yourself getting compliments and respect from your co-workers, friends and relations.

So, what does it take to make sure your clothing fits well? Start with taking a close friend (or your spouse) shopping with you. Someone who will be honest with you about how the clothing looks. If you are of average build it should be pretty easy to find things that fit right off the rack. You don’t need to pass over a jacket whose sleeves are a little long, or whose waist is a touch to big. Those things can easily be altered by a competent alterations specialist. However, if you are not an average size, it may be harder for you to find clothing that fits right off the rack. That is where a sales clerk who knows clothing construction and how it should fit can be of great service.  Larger gents will probably find that a coat that fits around the waist may be too large in the shoulders and too long in the sleeve. These are fixable, but if you are buying a cheap suit it may not be worth the cost of tailoring. Why? Because; it won’t change the fact that it is still a cheap suit and will not hold up to repeated wearing and cleaning.

The staff at The Natty Dresser can help you find clothing that fits well and makes you look your best. With an onsite tailor, as well as two seamstresses, we are set up to do alterations and repairs of all kinds; on men’s and women’s clothing purchased at The Natty Dresser or not.  Our alteration staff is available Tuesday – Friday from 10am until 6pm. Walk-ins are welcome, but we do ask that you make an appointment for bridal gowns and formalwear.

Remember if Fit is King, you to can be treated like royalty.

Dress well, Be confident, Find Success!



Spring Cleaning – Knock it out of the closet!

Do you stand in front of your closet and wonder if there is anything in there that you want to wear? Sometimes a good purge can be liberating… But how to start? Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

The hanger trick. This is not a quick fix, but it can help when you can’t decide whether to get rid of something or not. Turn all of the hangers in your closet so that they are hooked onto the bar from behind. When you wear something, turn the hanger around to its normal position. At the end of the year, anything that is still hanging backwards, is probably not needed.

The Five Piles. Start by getting a glass of wine, this could take a while. Take all the clothes out of your closet and put them on the bed. You are going to sort them into 4 piles:

  1. Definitely keep. You don’t need a pile for these really, just put them back in that empty closet (here is where the hanger trick works best).
  2. Sentimental or otherwise irrationally loved clothing. These are going to get boxed up and put in the back of the closet so they aren’t a distraction on a daily basis. Mark the box well so you can find the item you want when you want it.
  3. Needs work. These are the things that need a button, or a hem. Also items that are too small or big, and need to be tailored. If you want to keep it but it doesn’t fit it goes in this pile. Before it can go in the closet it needs to be fixed so do it… or load it in the car and take it to your tailor. The Natty Dresser can provide those services if you need us.
  4. Donate. These are items that can still be worn by someone, but that you, for whatever reason don’t want any longer. These items should be neatly packed into a box (or boxes), and taken to your local shelter or another agency that works with people who need assistance. Locally we recommend FISH of Albany. They have an outstanding track record of charitable work.
  5. Throw away. You will know this when you see it. Clothing that is stained or faded or torn. Nobody wants your garbage, so please don’t donate it.

Professional Help. Sometimes you need an outside opinion. There are businesses out there that specialize in making order from chaos. When every attempt at doing it yourself ends in frustration or inaction, call in the Pros. Our friends at Queen Bee may be just what you need to get a handle on your overflowing closet. You can find them at:

Once your closet has been paired down be sure to contact The Natty Dresser for a wardrobe consultation. We can suggest pieces that you can use to freshen up the items that made the cut, into outfits that you will feel great wearing

Dress Well, Be Confident, Find Success!